“Everything you should have learned in college about teaching … But didn’t”

Ever wonder how great teachers make it look so easy in the classroom?  The fact is, they know - The Secrets of Total Teaching! 

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"I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took your class, (Secrets of Total Teaching) I felt so much more prepared. By the second day I felt able to start implementing some of the advanced teaching methods."
-- Jackie B.
Elementary Teacher

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Dr. Lou Giunta

Educational Consultant Mentor, Parent Coach, Author


The Five Foundations:
The Secrets of Total Teaching

Learn the secrets of the Five Foundations of Professionalism, Classroom Management, Behavior Management, Planning, and Instruction.

Educator, Author, Trainer, and Speaker Dr. Lou Giunta succinctly captures all the elements of the teaching profession into five “user friendly” components. Although the material is thoroughly research based, it is written in an easy read style. The book reveals the secret foundations in which all master teachers excel, including Professionalism, Classroom Management, Behavior Management & Discipline Systems, Lesson Plan design and development, and instructional strategies, methods and teaching techniques tailored to reach every learner in your class.

This book is a must text for every educator, paraprofessional, student teacher or any one in education who wants to learn the...

Secrets of Total Teaching.

The secrets in this book will enable you to…

  • Be L.A.T.E. and gain the respect of your students and colleagues
  • Learn the four secret “D” words to keep you out of litigation and in good standing with the administration
  • Put your class on auto-pilot with procedures that keep your class running on it’s own
  • Use classroom T.I.P.S. to manage for maximum efficiency
  • Two secret words that let your class know exactly how to get your approval
  • Keep disciplinary molehills from becoming mountains
  • Create an environment in which students are eager to participate
  • Answer four simple questions to develop comprehensive Laser Beam Lesson Plans
  • Use instructional strategies that keep students motivated and engaged
  • Reach every student's learning style in every lesson

The Secrets of Total Teaching are NOT
taught in any college classroom!


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